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New Year's Resolutions At My FitLife

2018 Is nearly here! Like every year, we look back at the past year and appreciate all we have gone through. This gives you goals and areas to improve on for the comming year; and of all the goals, the most popular is to improve your physical well-being. Here are 10 reasons why you should train with us!




It's no secret that most of us work harder when in the presence of another person. This is no different when it comes to working out. With our trainers by your side, they provide encouragement, energy and motivation that you need to start your workout. Not only that, but they can help you set goals, make a road map, and help you get to actual milestones with your health. With our trainers by your side, nothing can stop you!




Our trainers, as well as you, hold you accountable and will help you overcome all the excuses you may have used in order to not exercise. It's a lot harder to skip working out when you know someone is waiting for you. And after a few sessions, you will find your groove and actually NOT want to miss an appointment!




Getting in shape and working out can be confusing, after all there is so much information out there. What do I eat? When do I do cardio? Do I really have to do cardio? Our trainers will guide you through this and make sure you fully understand what needs to be done. We take out all the guesswork so you can focus all your energy on your goals.






If you're new to working out, it can actually be intimidating. Working with our trainers allows you to become a more confident person when it comes to exercises and using weights and machines. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to stick with your exercise program.




When new to working out, you may find that some exercise movements may hurt and feel uncomfortable. Our trainers will take the time to show you how safely and effectively workout. By taking the time to learn proper eercise techniques, you can avoid annoying injuries.






When it comes to working out, everyone is different. Your unique body mechanics, experience, goals, and fitness level will help our trainers to create a fitness plan that fits you. With a custom routine, you are more likely to stick with your plan while seeing the results.






Are you preparing for a 5k run? Have a backpacking trip planned, or do you just want to shave a few strokes off your golf game? Our trainers can design a fitness program specific to your sport which will improve your performance and reduce the risk of an injury.






Exercise is beneficial for preventing and managing many chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Exercising with these conditions also requires more precautions. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers will design programs for you that provide safety and a positive experience.




Aging Gracefully


As we get older, our bodies change with time. Maybe an exercise routine that you once did in the past no longer works for you, or you stopped seeing results like you once did. Our trainers will help you to adapt and adjust your exercises with your age which will help you to maintain functionality and strength.






Beleive it or not, exercising can actually be a lot of fun! Our trainers will make your experience not just effective, but also enjoyable and fun. Simply working with a trainer who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with more gratification from your workouts.



Why My FitLife is for YOU!

At My FitLife Personal Training, we specialize in providing you with the ultimate training experience. Our qualified staff of personal trainers will tailor a workout program for you based on your goals. We have mastered the concept of combining both the mental and physical concepts to ensure you achieve your goal.

The human body is extremely complex and it is important to work with its physiology, not against it. Our trainers understand this and know how to build a workout that will work for you and your specific goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or improve athletic performance we are here to help you! The My FitLife staff understands it’s not about working out so hard you nearly pass out, but about working in a smart way to allow your body to perform and be its best. To learn more about our one-on-one personal training, please call us at 330-880-3745 or register for a complimentary trial membership.

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