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Kelly Barr

"My FitLife, with their qualified trainers and dietician, have helped change my life. Aside from weight loss and muscle change, I feel better than I have in years. I have a lot to go but I've come a long way. After four months I'm off most health related medications. Thanks to Kyle, I'm doing things I didn't think I'd ever do!!! Especially at 50. Thanks Kyle and My FitLife for giving me my health back!"-Kelly Barr

Kelly's awesome results: Kelly has lost a total of 30 pounds in just 4 months. She has also cut 3.7% body fat! Awesome work Kelly and Kyle! With the proper nutrition, cardio, resistance training, and determination you can also achieve your personal goals too! Call today to activate your complimentary trial membership- 330-880-3745.




John Milton

"My son John has autism. He's been working out with Isaac for about 3 months or so. Isaac works so well with him. With John's language delay, it's hard to know what's going on with John but Isaac always takes the time to figure it out and keep pushing him! He even gets right down on the floor and works beside him. They are working on power lifting and hoping we can get John to the special Olympics. I'm so thankful we found Isaac. He's given John motivation and something to work for again!"-- Jackie Milton

"John has made tremendous improvements in strength since he has started with me. He also has started eating better and lost some weight. Not only that, but he has come out of his shell, built some confidence, and started to joke around and relax. With having autism, his mom has informed me that he doesn't do this with many people."-Isaac Birch

What an awesome dynamic duo John and Isaac have become! Great work guys, keep it up! With the proper nutrition, cardio, resistance training, and determination you can also achieve your personal goals too!




Erika Logan

Hard work pays off! Check out Erika Logan's amazing transformation and fitness journey!

"I started working out with Marquis in July 2016. I felt that I needed a change in my life for the positive. I have always been an individual that's been active and involved in sports gymnastics soccer cheerleading.

I started to gain more weight when I was in my mid 20s. So I decided to buy, “10 minute trainer,” “Insanity,” and a treadmill. I worked out using these DVDs and ate only about 600-900 calories per day. I was cranky and weak. I didn't care though because the numbers on the scale dropped daily. It was a quick fix to look good on upcoming vacations. But then, I'd pack all the weight on and then more fat and cellulite over the course of a few months time. It was a yo yo process for years. Then in July of 2016 I thought this needs to stop what am I doing wrong here? So marquis assessed me, weighing in at 128 lbs. Yikes, I thought.

I started working out and he kept telling me I needed to eat and perform exercises at home. Well I did the workouts and hit the gym but wasn't eating a lot. I wanted a quick fix. I mean I'm with a trainer now so I should see results quicker, right??? No complete opposite. My body was holding on to my excess fat and I was gaining weight. It took me a few months to finally realize that maybe he was right. So I did the counting calories and ate balanced and clean food like he said. The scale still wasn't dropping and I was putting in the work!!! It's now December and nobody is saying, “hey you look good!” and I'm asking marquis constantly, “Can you tell a difference?” I wasn't hearing what I wanted to hear. I thought this personal training is some bogus S*#&!!! I was ready to walk away and go back to starving myself and working out. I knew I'd be back down to 118 lbs fast.

Then I thought, “Ya know, I'm not a quitter.” I'm just going to stick this out Till the end of my agreement with marquis. That's when in January I started to notice changes. My pants started to become loose and I started to notice more muscle definition. I could wear size 2 pants again- still snug around the middle but I wasn't able to even pull them up in two years! I thought what the check I'm eating 1500-1700 calories per day and my clothes aren't tight anymore?! This can’t be right! People at work started noticing. My husband started noticing. I was now having the courage to take some more photos and notice HUGE changes and the number on the scale stayed about the same 124-128.

I'm now happier than I've ever been. I'm stronger than I could ever have imagined and I'm not scared of food- eating clean and balanced meals. I can't take the credit for all of this though. Marquis has been my number one fan, has been supportive and has kept telling me to just give it time. He was more than right. Marquis emails me almost daily and checks in with me consistently to see how I'm doing and to keep me on track. If it weren't for marquis I'd be 118 lbs. of nothing but flab and excess fat!!! I'm over that mentality and cannot wait to continue with marquis to see what I've been missing for all of these past years. Now I want to see more, do more and lift more!!!" -Erika Logan

Great results: Erika started is down 9.5% body fat, starting at 29.5% and now 20%. Before starting to train with Marquis, she had never bench-pressed, worked on barbell squats, or push-ups. Now, she can bench press 65 lbs. x7, squat 155lbs. x2, and do 15 military push-ups. Amazing progress!

With the proper Nutrition, Cardio, and Resistance Training you can also achieve your goals. All three are needed to hit your goals. Amazing work Erika and Marquis!




Elaine Wasilewski

"I am living proof that it's never too late to take steps to improve your health! In just 4 months time, under Dylan's watchful eye and with his guidance, I've lost weight and increased muscle mass but most importantly, I feel wonderful! My balance and flexibility have improved, and my stamina is through the roof! For those of you on the fence, take the leap and let Dylan show you how great you can feel!" - Elaine Wasilewski

Thank you for the kind words Elaine! Elaine has lost 24 pounds all while putting on 4 pounds of muscle! That's a total of 28 POUNDS of fat that Elaine has taken off her body, which has led to her improvement in her quality of life and her health! Keep up the outstanding work! -Dylan




Scott Mathie

Great Results: Scott Mathie is down 52 lbs while starting at 263 and is now at 211. With the proper Nutrition, Cardio, and Resistance Training you can also achieve your goals. All three are needed to hit your goals. Call today to activate your complimentary trial membership- 330-880-3745. Amazing work- Scott & Dylan!




Shelly Taylor

a. Upon retirement I knew it was the perfect opportunity to improve my health, lose weight and improve my strength. I also knew not just any fitness center would work for me as I am extremely uncomfortable in the big gym environment and I wanted personalized coaching. Thankfully I saw a post on Facebook about My FitLife Personal Training. I read the testimonials and background information of the staff members and was impressed with the experience and educational backgrounds. I scheduled a consultation and knew I had found the perfect environment to reach my goals. I began working with Ryan the very next day and I couldn't be happier. Ryan has knowledge and experience working with individuals who have been diagnosed with arthritis and joint pain. The combination of weights, cardio and proper nutrition are making such a difference in my strength, mobility, health and weight. And I must add that Ryan makes it a fun and enjoyable experience. All of the staff at My FitLife always encourage and provide positive suggestions. The facility is just the right size so it is not intimidating, and since I began early in February the upgrades to the building and equipment are ongoing and just keep getting better. Ryan varies the work out each session and I like that the workouts are never the same and always challenge me. This is the first time in many, many years I have looked forward to working out. As the weeks have gone by I feel better and stronger and I am already seeing positive results at the doctor's office. Anyone looking to improve their health and physical fitness should definitely consider My FitLife Personal Training!




Erin dropped 54 lbs before her wedding while working hard with her trainer, Dylan. Dylan and Erin combined the proper amount of nutrition, weight training, and a healthy diet to attain one of her goals! Great work Erin! We are all proud of you!




When you lose 58 lbs and your quality of life improves is priceless. Maria is one of our many clients with amazing results. Great job Maria and Greer!





John & Judy


"We first met Ryan at a weight loss seminar, where we received a free session. The day after our session with Ryan, when we painfully discovered the muscles that we forgot we had, we knew that we needed some serious workout instruction. That was over a year ago. Our plan was to complete one eight-week session, but as we approached week 8, we knew we had to continue. So here we are 15 months later, very motivated, and feeling better and stronger as we approach our 70th birthdays. Over the past year we have experienced wonderful results…. pounds lost, INCHES lost, and our cholesterol numbers have been greatly reduced. We work really hard, but also laugh a lot while doing it!"

Theresa H.


I began my training with Ryan back in the winter of 2015. I was looking for a place that would be able to work with me and my lower back issues. I did not want to go to just any gym or training place, I needed a trainer and facility that would understand my limitations and to be able to help find what would work the best for me. I was terrified of injuring my back. The first time I walked into My FitLife Personal Training, I knew it was the right place for me. The facility is very clean and the staff are all very personable. I like that the trainers are all certified and degreed. I do not feel intimidated when I am working out and do not feel like everyone is watching me. The people that are training are all there to better themselves just like I am. The trainers are all respectful and kind. Right away Ryan started working with me on different stretches and exercises that would help strengthen my back along with getting back into shape. I have had several flare ups with my lower back and Ryan has been nothing but patient. He trains with care and compassion. He does everything that he can to help me reach my goals. Since I have been training with Ryan, not only is he my trainer, but he has become a friend. I have made a lot of progress and I even dropped down a clothing size. I feel great and always look forward to my scheduled training days. If someone is looking for a great place to train, I highly recommend that they check out My FitLife Personal Training.


James S.


" As someone who has struggled with his weight for as long as I can remember (245 pound 9th grader wearing a 40 pant), I have had highs and lows, weight-wise – and many followed highs and lows in life.

When I turned 30, I had worked hard to get into shape and had a public sector job that allowed me the time I needed to exercise. However, not long after I turned 30, my father’s health took a bad turn that, for the next three years – until his death, left me as the person who was responsible for coordinating his care, handling his finances, managing his home, business interests, etc., and I lost much of the time that I had devoted to exercise and let my eating habits slip as a result of stress and time constraints. And the weight began to creep back on. The next year, I went back into the full-time practice of law which again impacted my schedule, my exercise commitment and my eating.

In early 2009, a health assessment had confirmed what I had not wanted to see (my scale had a thick layer of dust on it) - I weighed in at 267 pounds – my highest weight ever. And I couldn’t wear 98% of my pants – in fact I bought a handful of larger-sized pairs that I wore the heck out of and larger suits and shirts - “to get me by”. A few months later, Dad passed away and I was left with a void in my life. I took some time to think about what was the most important thing I had to deal with – now that more of my time was my own again. I made the decision that I was going to get back on track to a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle – not an easy feat with for someone who has a busy work life, a myriad out of work commitments and happens to love good food.

One of the first things I learned dealt with what I needed to do to get my eating back in check – watching sugar and carbs that quickly convert to sugar and cause insulin spikes – and cravings. That is when I started with Ryan Jaworski. It’s been a trip of ups and downs for sure – the holidays can be times of gaining weight. Also, periods where work ramps up can be rough. However, through all of it, I have worked out regularly and worked on my eating, taking Ryan’s advice who is good at pushing me to work harder. He also understands the needs of someone with a busy career – and is always flexible and supportive.

Three years later, I am in the 200 –205 range at 7% body fat, wearing all of my clothes and feeling better than ever.

I’m grateful for Ryan’s dedication and asset of skills."

Wesley F.


Before I met Dante Rani and Ryan Jaworski I weighed around 460 lbs. I wouldn't really say my life was a mess, because I didn't really have a life. At that weight it was all I could do to get through a work day. I would then go home an lay in bed the rest of the evening. My weight had taken over my life. In December Dante and Ryan came into Subway where I worked. They introduced themselves as the owners of My FitLife, a personal training studio. I jokingly commented that I needed a personal trainer and never expected how my life would change because of that brief encounter. Dante gave me some information about the business and I decided to check it out. Little did I know at the time that that brief encounter would give me my life back. Since I began this journey four months ago I have lost 95 lbs., began building strength. I have gone from taking three different diabetes medications to taking none. My blood sugars have returned and stayed at normal levels for over three months now. I used to be the type of person who made excuses for my health and fitness (or lack thereof). Now I know, thanks to the team at myFitLife that I can do anything I set my mind to. There's no going to back to the Wesley that I used to be.

Blake M.


I had been overweight most of my life and after the 30's rolled around it was getting out of hand and I knew that I had to make a change and do something to start losing weight and better my life before something bad happened. I started to workout but didn’t really change my eating habits all that much. I saw a little bit of difference but nothing drastic. After about 6 months I started on a meal plan with a buddy at work to try and start getting my nutrition in line. That helped things but wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. So I started talking with my buddy Dante about the new business that he was about to open up and decided that I would give it a try. After talking my many options over with Dante I decided to go with a “online program” which consisted of meal planning, daily lifting routine and body fat testing monthly. I was then introduced to Ryan as he was going to be my trainer. Ryan and I had our consult meeting and initial body fat testing session and even though I had lost some weight on my own it clearly wasn’t enough. We set a goal body fat percentage that we wanted to achieve and it has been full steam ahead since. I started on 9/26/2015 at 292 pounds and 25.1% body fat and that was all the motivation I needed in order to get my mind straight and get myself to the new healthy me that I needed. My next body fat testing was on 10/17/2015 and I actually went up in weight to 293 pounds but my body fat had dropped to 22.8%! I was stoked about this even though I wasn’t happy with the "scale" number. Ryan decided to keep my workouts and meal plan the same because it was working and my body was turning itself around. I came back 2 weeks later on 10/31/2015 for another body fat measurement a to my disbelief I was down to 287 pounds and 21.5% body fat. I had never seen this number on the scale as an adult in I couldn’t even remember how long and couldn’t have been happier. We changed up the meal plan a little bit and the workouts and kept moving forward and the numbers kept going down and my smile kept getting bigger and bigger as my confidence was starting to build back up as well. So far now I am down 55 pounds and down to 17.6% body fat, a number that I never would have thought I’d see starting my journey at well over 330 pounds. My Fit Life has helped me change my life for the better and I couldn’t be happier. Ryan and Dante are great at what they do and are very down to earth and willing to help anyone out nothing is too big or too small for them. The rest of the team at the facility is awesome as well, very friendly and always greats you when you walk through the door wether they’ve seen you 20 times or it’s your first time. I would highly recommend My Fit Life to anyone that has been wanting to change their life and get healthier.

Michelle J.


"Every day, all day, I lived with residual pain from lymph node removal, chemo and radiation which was following by a double knee replacement. The fluid buildup around the lymph node area was so painful. I was astonished when Isaac explained how specific exercises for the lymph node area would relieve the pressure and astoundingly it worked! No doctor or nurse ever told me how to get rid of this pain. Not only did the pain from the lymph node area dissipate, but the chest pain from the radiation treatment and knee pain as well. I haven’t felt this good for 5 years. I really thought I would just have to live with the pain so I never talked about it and just dealt with it. I’m so thankful to Ryan and Isaac for all their advice, knowledge and compassion. They are extremely well trained in their field! I am so thankful."

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Why My FitLife is for YOU!

At My FitLife Personal Training, we specialize in providing you with the ultimate training experience. Our qualified staff of personal trainers will tailor a workout program for you based on your goals. We have mastered the concept of combining both the mental and physical concepts to ensure you achieve your goal.

The human body is extremely complex and it is important to work with its physiology, not against it. Our trainers understand this and know how to build a workout that will work for you and your specific goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or improve athletic performance we are here to help you! The My FitLife staff understands it’s not about working out so hard you nearly pass out, but about working in a smart way to allow your body to perform and be its best. To learn more about our one-on-one personal training, please call us at 330-880-3745 or register for a complimentary trial membership.

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